Sexual harassment in Africa

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Sexual harassment in Africa

Sexual abuse and violence are serious problems that transcend racial, economic, social and regional lines. Violence is frequently directed toward females and youth, who lack the economic and social status to resist or avoid it. Adolescents and young women, on particular, may experience abuses in the form of domestic violence, rape and sexual Assault, sexual exploitation, and/or female genital mutilation. Accurately estimating the prevalence of sexual abuse and violence in the developing world is difficult due to the limited amount of research done on the subject. Cultural mores against reporting abuse make it difficult to assess accurately, and few adolescent health programs in sub-Saharan African address these critical issues.

Domestic Violence Is Widespread in Sub-Saharan Africa. violence against women is a widespread problem in sub-Saharan Africa. Surveys conducted in sub-Saharan Africa reveal that 46 percent of Ugandan women, 60 percent of Tanzanian women, 42 percent of Kenyan women, and 40 percent of Zambian women report regular physical abuse. In a Nigerian survey, 81 percent of married women report being verbally or physically abused by their husbands. Forty-six percent report being abused in the presence of their children

Violence has a significant impact on the health and life expectancy of women. The World Bank estimates that rape and domestic abuse account for 5 percent of healthy years of life lost to women of reproductive age in developing countries. domestic violence can have long-term psychological effects. studies have shown that one out of every four suicide attempts by women is preceded by abuse Children in abusive households also suffer from the effects of violence, whether or not they are physically abused. Studies have shown that children who witness violence may experience many of the same emotional and behavioral problems that physically abused children
experience, such as depression, aggression, disobedience, nightmares, physical health complaints and poor school performance.
young People Are Vulnerable to Rape and Sexual Assault. worldwide, 40-47 percent of sexual assaults are perpetrated against girls age 15 or younger. in a study in a South African hospital of children under age 15 in whom a diagnosis of child Abuse was considered, 45 percent of the children reported having been the target of sexual
Abuse. Thirty-one percent reported being physically abused, and sexual abuse was suspected but not confirmed in another 14 percent of the children.5 A study in Uganda revealed that 49 percent of sexually active primary school girls say they had been forced to have sexual intercourse.

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