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  These documents are for those who want to find out the facts about Ethiopia in the 1980s. I am sure most of the people still stuck in the herd mentality have no clue about the reality of what has happend to our country.


4. Document showing a plan of USG to move and relocate Kagnaw Military Station from Asmera to Giego Garcia , even before Derg came to power, April 17, 1973
    a. Document showing Proposed closing of Kagnaw station in Asmera, April 28, 1973, which is before Derg was formed, let alone took power

    b.  President Nixon and Emperor Haile Selassie- White house! 1973
     c. Situation in Horn of Africa, HIM visit, Kifle Wodajo, Arabs support for ELF and Somali, Harrased Ethiopia, April 4, 1973
     d. US Ambassador Conversation with Prime Minister Aklilu about Somalia. Feb. 24, 1973
      e. Memorandum for Henry Kissinger, Aprill 11, 1973
       f. US National security study memorandum, May 24, 1973
 5.  Impact of closure Kagnaw Station, AMEMBASSY 1973
 6.  Implications for US Policy of Somalia, AMEMBASSY 1973
     a. US Somalia, US Ethiopia relationship, June 11, 1973
     b. Senior Review, White House Situation Room, July 25, 1973
 7.  Issues paper on the Horn of Africa, State department 1974
 8.  Kissinger staff meeting, Jan 3, 1975
 9.  Kissinger staff meeting, feb 7, 1975
10.  US Policy in Ethiopia as it relates to Eriterea, Jan 10, 1975
11. Interesting document by State departement after Emperor Halie Selassie was deposed, Jan 24, 1975 
12.  Interest of Great Britain, France and Italy-agaist Ethiopia.
13. Ten

Many more original documents will be posted soon!


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